How to Set Up My Android TV Box - From Start to Finish

Awesome you made it - welcome to the club. Firstly, unpack your box and make sure you have everything, Little Smart Box, remote controller, HDMI cable and power adapter.

Plug in your HDMI lead into your TV and your Little Smart Box.

Plug in your power adapter into your box and the mains.

Put batteries into your remote controller (sounds obvious, but some people don’t!)

Switch on your box and connect to the internet. The box will work with wifi, but some internet connections can be slow, if you can connect with an Ethernet cable even better.

Connect to internet blab la

From here you can use the box like you would a PC or Android phone.Go to Google play store and download the apps you use. We deliberately installed very few apps you can customise as you wish.

If you need an internet browser go to Google play store and download Chrome for Android.

To set up our the Little Smart Box app there are a couple of steps – but don’t worry we’ll get there.

Go to My apps and then click on Little Smart Box.

After that you’ll reach a white screen, follow the instructions and download the media player.

Once its downloaded, a pop will appear saying ‘install blocked’, do not click cancel, instead click settings.
Inside of settings, tick the box that says ‘unknown sources’.
And tick the box that says ‘verify apps’.
A pop up message will appear, press ok once these are both ticked.
Press the back button on your controller or go back to the home page.
Click back on Little Smart Box via my apps and you’ll reach the white screen again.
Press ‘next’ on the white screen.
And then press ‘install’ and wait for the app to install.
Once the install is complete, you’ll reach a page that will tell you to exit the app. To do this press the quit button which will take you back to the white screen.
Press next on the white screen and you’ll see a disclaimer, if you agree the app will start downloading the update.
Press the next button and the files will begin to extract.
Once you have extracted the files you will be taken back to the main menu. Leave the box for 5-10 minutes so everything can load up and update.
If you reach this page, it means everything is loading correctly.
And Boom – your in.

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