If you can’t find the apps you need in the Google play store search for them in the web browser instead.

To download apps onto your device, search for apps need in google search.

In this example we are downloading the Amazon Shopping App.

I searched for the app with Google, ‘android amazon app apk’ and clicked on the first search result.

Its important to note that all android app files will end in .apk

So in this example the file name will be amazonshoppingapp.apk

So find the .apk file on the web page and click download (be sure you click the download file and not an ad).

Now, we have clicked on the link and we can see this message at the bottom, we’re going to click ok:

The file is downloading, once it has downloaded you’ll see this message at the bottom left. Don’t worry if you don’t click this message, it disappears quite quickly.

 We've now downloaded the file onto the device, but we still need to install it. So go back to the apps screen and click on app installer:

And select local disk:

From here you’ll see your app file, in this case it's the Amazon file, but in your case it will be whatever the filename you have downloaded. so click your file:

 Do you want to install the app, click next:

And now click install:

And that's it, go to your apps, and your app will be there, click on your app to open it.

There's an app for just about anything, so whatever you're looking for just search that + android app.


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