he popular TV ADDONS configuration wizard recently suffered an 8 day outage rendering its method of installing XBMC kodi addons useless. The TV ADDONS config wizard is designed to make installing the best addons on any platform extremely easy without the need for technical knowledge.

The wizards back end used Firedrive, a file hosting service by the same team that made Putlocker. This is used to host the addons and their repositories. With this single point of failure TV ADDONS had nowhere to go and needed to act quickly otherwise every new visitor to the site would encounter the issue and potentially never return. Unfortunately they didn’t act quick enough which lead to many users complaining on the forums. In those 8 days they will have lost a hefty amount of potential new users, but have since rectified the issue by moving the hosting over to MediaFire Bitbucket. (Looks like the new relationship with MediaFire didn’t work out)

What happened to Firedrive?

As to Firedrive mysteriously going offline, nobody actually knows what happened. The site went down shortly after 30th September and has since been offline with no signs of life. Many users have paid for the now defunct service and are complaining on the companies Facebook and Twitter with no response. Both emails and phone calls are not being answered along with media requests from any news agency.



Firedrive changed their name after Putlocker became the MPAAs biggest target after allowing bootleg movies and other pirate content on their site with no repercussions. Wanting to focus on cloud file sharing prompted the name change with the hopes of a fresh start. As it stands currently Firedrive has a functioning homepage with everything else broken.

Maybe they got hacked, or just ran out of money or maybe they have been taken down much like Mega Upload. We will update the article when we find out more.

Everything is now back to normal

So after all that excitement and drama everything is now back up and running and everyone will eventually forget this even happened, well everyone except TV ADDONS who had to endure a barrage of abuse from their users. After all, there is a silver lining. I am hoping TV ADDONS has learnt from their mistakes and will make sure they have a hot spare file host ready to go if this happens again.

Let us know if this issue affected you and how you got around the problem in the comments below.

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