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Custom Firmware

At Little Smart Box we develop our own custom firmware for your Android TV Box, making sure that you get the best experience possible. Offering stability, speed and usability. We make using Kodi on Android easy.

Custom Kodi

We customise Kodi on our Android Boxes, making it easy for up customers to watch their favourite TV shows, Movies and Sports. We always use the latest version of Kodi which gives you the best performance and stability.

Customer Support

Little Smart Box prides itself on its customer support. We are always happy to help whether you bought your Android Box form us or not. We aim to become a valuable resource for all Android TV Box owners.

For more information on our Android TV Boxes or our Kodi for Android then take a look at the our box page.

Kodi & Addons

Every Android T V Box we sell includes our custom version of the latest Kodi. Keep your Kodi version up to date and check to make sure that you have access to all the best addons! Watch your favourite TV Shows, Movies and Sports easily.

Our Android TV Box

If you’re a Android nerd or a newbie, Little Smart Box is for you. It’s built for everyone, and can be as simple or complex as you want. Every box is fully customisable and come pre rooted.

Custom Firmware

Each Android Box comes preinstalled with the latest firmware. We preinstall all the apps you will need including Kodi and its amazing third party addons! We make sure everyone gets the best experience possible. Our firmware is designed so you can factory reset your device without any issues.